What an extraordinary time this is. The government’s new recommendations will have a significant impact on us as a church, our services, our home groups, our socials, meetings and general fellowship. They also provide opportunities to strengthen our faith and fellowship in far from ideal, but nonetheless potentially exciting ways.

Sunday Services

With Green Lane understandly cancelling our booking for the foreseeable future, we will now meet each week in our own homes via an online video stream to be aired at 10am every Sunday.  You will find this on our website and you will receive a separate email with a link and more details later in the week.  We urge you to make this both a priority and a highlight in your week for you and those in your household.

I will be welcoming you there and we’ll still have kids slots, prayers, a Bible reading and our sermon series will continue in John’s gospel.  We also hope to include interviews made during the week so you can see what other people are getting up to in these unusual times, and we’ll share some YouTube song links for you to enjoy at home either before or after the streamed service.

Families will also be provided with age appropriate printable worksheets, resources and craft ideas to study the Bible after the live stream with your children.  Material will be provided for all ages up to and including Roots, and we’ll endeavour to make them very easy for parents to lead.  We would love this to become an essential and valuable family time to grow in faith together.  We’d encourage Ignite and Roots to engage with the sermons as well, and I’m sure many of the Transformers will also be able to follow much of what is taught.

For those without children we will invite you to a virtual meeting after the service to chat and share life, much like we would do after the service normally.

Home Groups

We would love everyone to join a ‘Virtual Home Group’.  Without physically meeting on Sundays, the importance of trying to meet in virtual groups during the week will become very important.  If you are not in a home group at the moment please email Claire Reynolds (you can click this link) expressing your interest in joining a Virtual Group, stating which days of the week and whether a morning or an evening is best.  Groups meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Loving One Another

God didn’t design us to isolate ourselves from society, so the next few weeks or even months will be difficult for many of us.  As such, we should not feel embarrassed to ask each other for support.  It will be important for many of us to still be able to physically meet with other people for our own mental and spiritual health. Some of the elders and other families in the church are very happy to still host or visit those who would like that, recognising that for many, social contact will be an ‘essential need’ that outweighs the risk of spreading the virus.  Please feel free to contact your friends in the church directly about this, or your home group leader, elders or staff members who can all help.

Loving the Community

An unprecedented opportunity lies before us!  A whole society potentially desperate for someone to talk to, someone to help practically with shopping or emergencies, and someone to help make sense of it all.  Many will be concerned about health, jobs and the future.  As Christians, we have a hope beyond this world and it’s viruses.  As such, let’s use this opportunity to spread the love of Christ through practical and gospel support.